Transport Corporation of India (TCI) Warehouse and Training Centre

Transport Corporation of India (TCI) Warehouse and Training Centre

Project Name: Transport Corporation of India (TCI) Warehouse and Training Centre
Location: Pataudi Road, Gurugram, Haryana
Function: Warehouse and Cold Storage
Client: Transport Corporation of India (TCI)
Architect Firm: M/S Aashray Design Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (ADCPL)
Structural Consultant Firm: M/S BMSF
Design concept:
With a vision to build a nationwide warehouse and cold chain network, this facility covering over 2 Lakh sqft on 7 acres of land, was the first of its kind to be built for the logistics giants Transport Corporation of India. The main building has been divided into three parts –warehouse space, cold storage and the admin block. Apart from this massive structure, there is another detached building in the same complex which serves as a training facility for the employees. The structure is a combination of PEB and RCC structure, with the warehouse and cold storage built in steel structures and the admin block and training facility built in RCC.

Steel Applicability:
The warehouse shed is built with a massive 810 Tonnes of steel. We custom designed the portals in such a way that two out of three consecutive portals did not have central columns, by using specially designed jack beams. This innovative solution gave us multiple 27Mx75M column-free spans. In order to avoid this building being considered in high-rise category, we kept the shoulder level & gable end of the structure at 15M from road level and pulled up the ridge level to 17.5M. This helped us maximize the volume of this warehouse.
These features eventually became the USP of the warehouse and helped TCI to lease it out to ecommerce giants – Amazon!
Steel Tonnage:
810 T (Primary – 530 T, Secondary – 180 T, Sheeting – 100 T)
Steel Sections Used: I – Section (PEB Portal), 345 MPA
Current Status: Completed

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